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Advertising is the key to promote your product or service in the area where you do your business. Advertising in print media or through hoardings has become very expensive these days and you are not sure of your return on investment. But there is still a very innovative way of carrying forward your message about your company or products that surprisingly also doesn’t cost you a dime. It is done using vehicle wraps, a type of vinyl covering applied over the body of the car.

No one knew about these wraps only a decade ago. But today more and more companies and businesses are making their use to great effect to advertise their products and services. These wraps are similar to the earlier car stickers or decals that were applied over the body. But whereas these stickers were of a small size, the modern wraps can be made to cover the entire body of the car. Also, you had to find a plain surface to stick a car sticker. But vehicle wraps can be extended to the curves and even bumpers and the bonnet.

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The special feature of modern wraps pasted over a car or any other vehicle is that the adhesive used on its back has unique air release channels. You can remove the air bubbles that are formed during pasting of these wraps immediately to create a look that is nothing short of a painted look. When applied properly, car wrap looks like the original paint of the car and not something that has been done afterwards. In fact, most people who see the car running on the road believe that the design has been painted over the surface of the car. You can easily remove the car wrap whenever you so desire to reveal the original paint of the car that remains like new under the car wrap.

With so many advantages over the ordinary car decal or the magnets, these vehicle wraps are obviously pricier. Whereas you can get a car decal for as a few dollars only, getting vehicle wraps for your car can set you back a little, however, considering the fact that these wraps last for years, the money you spend to get these vehicle wraps comes down to a few dollars per month in terms of advertisement. It is a very cost effective way of advertising your company or business.

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I was referred to 800WrapMyCar by a friend who had just received his car wrap and I was very impressed with their work. So I contacted 800WrapMyCar and within two weeks I had my company cars wrapped. I was very pleased with how it came out and my car wraps get complimented all of time. Couldn’t be happier! Thanks again!
Chris, Julian Contractors

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Vehicle Wraps in California – FAQ’s

A car wrap is the application of a high performance; large-format, digitally printed vinyl that adheres to your car’s painted surface. What this means is that you can put virtually any photo or design that you would like on the side of your car.
Yes, absolutely. We laminate each print. This provides durability from scratches, as well as UV protection from the sun’s rays.
Paint is permanent. Vehicle wraps actually protect your cars painted surface, and can be removed when it comes time to trade-in, or sell your car. In addition to being wrap installation professionals, we are also capable of striping your car, should the need arise.